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Smart Technology for Your Kitchen

photo (17)Imagine being able to check what’s inside your refrigerator, even when you’re miles away from home. And imagine being able to find out if you still have enough all-purpose cream for that fruit salad you’re planning on making for Christmas Eve, or if the pork menudo cutlets in your refrigerator are still fresh, all while you’re sitting at your desk at work. Thanks to technology, this may all be possible in the near future.

Technology companies are now creating a program that should allow people to monitor the contents of their refrigerators in real-time. It was reported that LG is even working on a program that could allow people to access not just their own refrigerators, but all smart appliances in their homes, all via text messaging and phone calls. While these features for appliances are still in the works, there are some appliances on today’s market that are already well on their way to ushering in the technological age in the kitchen. Here are some of them:

The iGrill is a Bluetooth-enabled appliance that alerts users of the status of their barbeque no matter where they are in the house. It has a wireless cooking thermometer that works well within 60 meters.

Owners only need to insert a probe into the meat that’s being barbequed and the iGrill will monitor its temperature. The real-time temperature of the meat will then be displayed on the owner’s iPhone. This amazing piece of technology that can help people cook the perfect Pinoy-style barbeque can be bought for only $80.

Provina WinePod

Have you ever thought of creating your own vintage wine? If yes, then you have to try the Provina WinePod. It can press, ferment, and age grapes. As if that’s not impressive enough, the WinePod can also convey data to a smartgadget and inform the user of the wine’s status. It also has a built in program that teaches users how to create different types of wine. Around 4-5 cases can be made from each batch. The Provina WinePod comes with an expensive price tag of $4,499 but is well worth it in the long run.

Seasoned chefs will tell you that all you need to be a successful cook, are good tools and an extensive knowledge of cooking. However, because not all of us can be the next Chef Heny Sison or Chef Gene Gonzales, people need to use smart appliances and phone apps to succeed. Phone apps and mobile technology have become an integral part of the technology used to run smart appliances. An article by Alchemy Bet, software developer for app entertainment site Pocket Fruity, discusses the future of all mobile technology in HTML5, explaining that as most smartgadgets are incorporated with this software, it won’t be long before we see its integration in other gadgets as well. We might even see it present in smart appliances in the future.


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