Open-Faced Lumpia (Eggroll)

IMG_0274Say what? Open-faced, as opposed to rolled.

This is an unconventional take on the ground beef and bean sprout eggroll (lumpia) posted here previously.  The only difference is that instead of rolling the wrapper, you fry it flat and layer it, adding melted cheese.


Same as in our beef and bean sprout eggroll

Melted cheese


Follow directions in preparing and cooking the filling using ground beef, bean sprouts and shredded carrots.

Heat Olive oil in a large pan. Place two sheets of the eggroll wrapper into the pan and fry until lightl browned and crispy.  Reduce heat and place the filling over the wrappers, spreading it out evenly.  Place desired amount of melted cheese over the filling.  Place two more wrappers over the filling and cheese.  Carefully turn the whole thing over and cook until the bottom wrappers are browned and crispy.  Turn off heat and using a large spatula, transfer the open-faced eggroll into a plate lined with paper tower to drain excess oil.

Serve warm and garnish with extra shredded carrots, bean sprouts and green onions. Use a knife to slice into pieces and eat like a pizza.


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