Kilawen Na Kambing (Goat Meat Ceviche)



Oh how I missed goat meat.  I grew up eating this  delicious delicacy in my hometown of Baguio City in the Philippines, but then for all those years living in California, it was almost impossible to find the meat ingredient.  Occasionally, I’d have goat meat in Filipino restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area.

One of the perks of being back in Baguio is the ease of procuring goat meat for home cooking. (Of course, food vendors selling cooked goat meat abound in the city.)

One of the easiest ways to enjoy goat meat is to prepare it the ceviche way – kilawen.

Unlike most ceviches such as shrimp and fish which are “cooked” simply by marinating the raw meat in vinegar, citrus and spices, goat meat needs to be boiled first to make it soft and tender.  But outside of the boiling process, everything is a breeze and much like the procedure in preparing ceviche.

If you’re watching your diet and are wondering about the nutritional value of goat meat, you will be pleased to know that compared to other meats, including chicken, pork and beef, goat meat is a healthier option!




1 lb goat meat with skin (thigh, neck and shoulder), including some goat liver (optional)

2 thumbs ginger, peeled and thinly sliced

2 medium red onions, minced

Vinegar to taste

Salt and pepper to taste

2 pcs Bay leaves

2 Thai chillies, sliced

Water for boiling


Boil water in a medium pot.  Add goat meat, ginger, Bay leaves, salt and pepper.  Continue to cook until the meat is soft and tender.  Remove from heat.  Slice goat meat into tiny cubes and place in a mixing bowl.  Add vinegar, ginger, onions, and Thai chillies.  Mix well.  Add more vinegar and salt and pepper to taste, as needed. Serve warm or chilled.


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