Grecian-style Eggplant Cup

eggplantEggplants are totally understated as far as I am concerned. They are considered a nightshade plant. Nightshades grow in the shade or flower at night.  Also called aubergines, they are a favorite of mine growing up till now. Having been raised in the Ilocos region of the Philippines, eggplants are a common ingredient in many favorite dishes like the pinakbet (akin to the French ratatouille) and tortang talong (eggplant omelet  similar to chile relleno).

I recently discovered a canned version of Grecian-style eggplant at one of my favorite grocery stores (they’re basically eggplant slices cooked with onions and tomatoes). Since then, I have been stacking up on them and try every now and then to come up with a new way to enjoy them.

This recipe is one of the ways I came up with.

You can prepare everything from scratch — from the eggplant to the dough — but if you’re a busy person, using ingredients direct from the grocery shelves would be just as well.


One can, Trader Joe’s Grecian-style eggplant with tomatoes and onionsIMG_8574

One can, Pillsbury  flaky crescent dough

Grated Mozarella cheese for topping

Olive oil to grease the bake pan


Pre-heat oven to 375 degrees.  Grease the insides of a muffin bake pan.  Heat up the eggplant for about two minutes and let cool.  Divide the crescent dough into four parts.  Fill four cups of the muffin bake pan with the dough and using fingers, flatten and press the dough to conform to the shape of the cups.  Bake for about 10 to 12 minutes (the longer you bake, the browner the dough will become).  Place the baked dough cups on a platter. Using a fork, slightly flatten the center of the dough cups to make room for your filling.  Fill each dough cup with desired amount of the eggplant mixture. Top with Mozarella cheese and serve.


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