Chocolate Haupia Pie

imageAfter a hearty Hawaiian meal — lau lau or kalua pig — one has to have sweet dessert.  Not just any sweet dessert, but haupia, the traditional coconut-based pudding Hawaiian cuisine connoiseurs have come to love. But let’s put a little twist to it.  How about a chocolate haupia pie?   The next time you bring dessert to a potluck, surprise the guests with this made-in-paradise concoction. Umbrella is optional!


One 9-inch Graham cracker crust

1 can (13 oz) coconut milk

1 cup, fat-free milk

1 tbsp, coconut extract

1 1/2 cups, white sugar

1 cup water

1/2 cup cornstarch

3/4 cup, 100% cacao unsweetened chocolate baking bar

Whipped cream for topping

Small piece of dark chocolate, shredded, for topping


Heat cracker crust according to package instructions, then set aside to cool. In a medium saucepan, whisk together milk, coconut milk, coconut extract, and 1 cup sugar. In a separate bowl, dissolve the cornstarch in water. Bring coconult milk mixture to a boil.  Reduce head and let simmer.  Slowly add in and whisk cornstarch over low heat until thickened. Remove from heat and divide evenly into two bowls. In another bowl, microwave chocolate until melted. Mix chocolate into one of the bowls of coconut pudding, then pour mixture into the pie crust, spread, and let sit. Pour the remaining bowl of coconut pudding on top of the chocolate-coconut pudding mixture and spread smooth, being careful not to mix the two layers. Refrigerate the pie for an hour or more. When ready to serve, top the pie with whipped cream and garnish with shredded chocolate.


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