Eggs Benedict, MyBayKitchen-style

imageI don’t know why but every single time I am out of town, staying in a hotel, my first breakfast has to be Eggs Benedict.  There’s something in poached eggs and meat over English muffins that gets me excited in the morning, especially with a hot cup of freshly-brewed coffee.  I’ve tried different variations of this breakfast fare — different meats, sometimes seafood. I love crab cakes when substituted for the meat. Different hotels make their Hollandaise sauce in their own unique way and that adds to the charm of my Eggs Benedict.Then, there’s the variation in vegetables — ranging from spinach to asparagus.

One day, I was reading some Facebook posts and saw a picture of a can of SPAM, not just the ordinary SPAM but SPAM tocino.  Tocino is a popular breakfast fare in the Philippines, consisting of sweet-flavored, cured pork slices.  It is usually served with eggs, fresh tomatoes and garlic fried rice.  In my search of SPAM tocino, I learned it wasn’t available just anywhere like the rest of the SPAM products. It was, as Hormel Foods’ website described it, a “limited edition,” only available by mail order and shipped only within the U.S.  Will it ever be available in the Philippines? (I thought to myself).image

Then I started cooking Eggs Benedict in my mind, one that does not have English muffins or ham or crab cakes or Hollandaise sauce.  Rather, one consisting of grilled portobello mushrooms, slices of SPAM tocino and cheese whiz.  And when I finally executed the dish in my kitchen, I took the opportunity to try cooking the poached eggs in a way I’ve never tried before — using the microwave!  So I’m calling this Eggs Benedict, MyBayKitchen- style.


4 fresh eggs

2 portobello mushrooms, whole

4 slices of SPAM tocino  (to your preferred thickness)

2 tbsps Cheese whiz

1 cup baby spinach, blanched

Salt and pepper to taste

1 1/2 tbsps Olive oil

1 1/2 cup water


Clean the portobello mushrooms with a mushroom brush or paper towel.  Brush either side of each mushroom with Olive oil. Season mushrooms with salt and pepper to taste.  Place the mushrooms on a hot grill and cook about 5 minutes each side.  Remove from grill and set aside. Heat a small amount of Olive oil in a frying pan over medium heat.  Fry the SPAM slices until slightly brown on either side.  Remove from heat and set aside. Place about 1/3 cup of water in a small microwavable bowl.  Crack one egg at a time into the bowl with water.  Place the bowl, covering it with a microwavable plate and microwave for 6o seconds.  The egg white should totally cover the yolk.  If not continue microwaving for 10 seconds at a time, as needed.  Repeat process for the rest of the eggs.  When ready to serve, place one portabello mushroom in the center of a plate.  Spread blanched spinach over the mushroom, covering the entire perimeter of the mushroom.  Place 2 slices of the SPAM on top of the spinach.  Place 2 poached eggs on top of the SPAM. Place 1 tbsp of cheese whiz over the eggs. (If necessary melt the cheese by placing it in the microwave just for a few seconds.  Add salt and pepper to taste.


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