Slow-cooked Sweet Soy Chicken

photoChicken hamonado, as it is called in the Philippines, has nothing to do with ham, although it is cooked like baked sweet ham.  I tend to like chicken that is prepared in a sweet sauce, especially when the meat is tender and almost melts in your mouth.  So I thought of preparing my version of sweet soy chicken using a slow-cooker.  It’s nothing complicated.  All you need is your chicken, some soy sauce and brown sugar, then you leave it all to the slow cooker.


4 pieces, medium chicken breasts (bone-in)

1/3 cup soy sauce

2 tbsps brown sugar


Place chicken breasts in the slow cooker. Add soy sauce and brown sugar, making sure all the chicken pieces are equally coated.  Turn slow cooker to “low” and cook for 10 hours.Serve the chicken breasts warm on a plate and douse them with the sauce.  If desired, serve with a side of steamed rice or bread.  I chose slices of naan flat bread.


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