Home-cooked Shabu Shabu

photo(313)Shabu Shabu is a Japanese dish that features beef cooked in simmering soup. It is similar to the Chinese hot pot, although the latter uses other ingredients like fish, shrimp and other seafood. Both dishes include vegetables, making them  quite a healthy menu item. I usually have shabu shabu at specialized restaurants, but I knew I could bring the magic of this healthy cooking into my home kitchen.  So I invested in an electric hot pot and it has become a gem in the center of my dining table. You don’t even have to have a hot pot to enjoy this dish. You can cook it in a pot on your regular stove top, but to me, it diminishes the fun of your food cooking in front of your very eyes while seated at your dining table.  Next time you have guests, have them gather around your dining table and impress them with your gourmet cooking!  Be creative. You can assemble your own favorite meats and vegetables. With shabu shabu, the possibilities are endless!


1 cup thinly-sliced strips of Rib eye steak

1/2 cup squid, sliced into thin rings

1/2 cup firm tofu, cut into tiny squares or rectangles

10 pieces shrimp, shelled and deveined

1/2 cup fish cakes

1-cup each of:

-broccoli florets

-sliced cabbage

-green beans

-Shitake mushrooms, sliced

-tomatoes, quartered

-baby spinach

-baby carrots

-sliced plantains

12 cups water

2 pieces dried seasoned kelp (kombu)

1 packet dried bonito flakes

1 packet powdered soup stock (dashi)

Sriracha sauce for dipping


Place 12 cups water into the hot pot. Add kelp to soak for 30 minutes. In the meantime, arrange the meat and seafood in one plate and the vegetables in another. When ready to cook, turn the electric hit pot to high. Just before the water begins to boil, remove and discard the kelp. Add bonito flakes ans powdered soup stock.  Begin cooking by placing the meat, seafood and vegetables into the hot pot. It only takes a minute or two to cook the ingredients.  Transfer cooked ingredients into serving bowls. Using a ladle, put some soup into the bowls. Add Sriracha sauce to the bowls or dip the meat and seafood into the Sriracha sauce.


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