Guest Blog: Fish and Leaves

by Eugene Caccam

imageWhat a beautiful Saturday! And what a beautiful day morning for fresh picks! With work mails done (or shelved at the back of the mind), there is time for a leisurely breakfast while alone at home.

As it is a no-office day, I thought I could make a more elaborate salad. Thus, unhurriedly, I prepared a feast-for-the-eye-and-palate plate of mustasa (mustard), pechay (bokchoi), kinchay (parsley), labanos (radish); and garnished it with diced Tagalog onions and tomatoes, kesong puti (native white cheese) and mangoes. The objective is contrast: in color, flavor, texture — name it!

I didn’t want to hurry, so instead of frying, I steamed the tinapang galunggong (smoked scud); I think this is also better for health. Additional nutrients (for improved memory, especially) from a piece of hard-boiled egg.

The sawsawan (dipping sauce) of sukang Iloko, garlic and labuyo will double up as dressing for the salad.

So, really, one can be alone and not lonely.


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