A Quickie Cheesy Appetizer

imageIt’s one of those days.  It’s been a long day at work and you’re not in the mood for a dinner eat-out or bar food. You just want to go home, sit by your kitchen counter, open a can of ice-cold beer and snack on something — nothing fancy (nor necessarily healthy), but satisfying.  So you take out a pack of egg roll wrappers from your refrigerator, cut out a small portion of  your favorite cheese block and pick out a few basil leaves from your ref’s produce tray. And what have you got? A quickie cheesy appetizer!


6 pcs egg roll wrapper, 5-inch

Six 3-inch sticks of your favorite cheese. (I used pepper jack cheese)

6 fresh basil leaves

2 tbsps Olive oil


Take one egg roll wrapper and lay it flat on a plate or your counter tip. Place one basil leaf close to the edge of the wrapper closest to you. Put a slice of cheese on top of the basil leaf. Roll the wrapper away from you, as if wrapping a tobacco . Seal the cheese roll by moistening the farther end of the wrapper.  In a medium frying pan, heat Olive oil in medium heat. Fry the cheese rolls until they turn crispy and golden brown.  Remove from heat and serve warm.


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