Inihaw na Hito (Grilled Catfish)

hitoGrilled meats and vegetables are a popular fare for many Americans, and there is never a lack of occasion or reason to hit the backyard grill. This coming weekend is Super Bowl time and the wonderful aroma of smoke rising from the grill will surely fill neighborhoods across the country.

Make your barbecue party apart from all the rest by serving fish. Catfish. Most are familiar with catfish fillet available year-round at supermarkets and grocery stores, but because of the meat texture, barbecuing fillet might not be the best idea. Instead, go for the whole catfish, cleaned and de-boned, and seasoned with salt and pepper or some other spices of your choosing. Serve it with a dip of soy sauce and mustard and garnish it with thinly-sliced green mango, onions, peppers and cilantro. Be sure to have some steamed rice on hand. It will be a barbecue talked about long after the Super Bowl champs have been crowned!


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