BINATOG: Boiled white corn topped with shredded coconut

Binatog is a popular Philippine snack sold by vendors who roam the streets with their wooden carts.   It consists of boiled corn topped with shredded coconut. The vendor yells out “binatoooooogggg,” and the customers have to yell back “binatooooooggg” to catch the vendor’s attention. Customers usually bring their own bowls or containers in order to purchase this street food.

The recipe is quite simple. Boil the desired amount of white corn in water (add a little salt, if desired) until the kernels start to break out. Drain and serve warm in a bowl. Sprinkle white or brown sugar over the corn and  top with shredded coconut.  I used white hominy (maíz blanco) which is readily available at Mexican grocery stores or major supermarkets. Hominy is a a basic ingredient in the Spanish pozole recipe.
Come on now, yell, y’all.

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