White ? Asparagus

You’ve seen them before. You just didn’t notice, because your eyes were too focused on that bunch of green spears that was on your grocery shopping list.  I’m talking about asparagus – the white ones! They’re much like their green counterparts in many respects, except that they have a tough and bitter skin that must be shaved off before cooking.

White asparagus is best prepared by simmering  the peeled spears in water and your choice of spices.  This recipe can serve as an appetizer or as a side dish to your meat or fish entree.  I decided to skip  the meat and  make this dish vegetarian, choosing to garnish with grated Parmesan cheese and roasted pepitas (pumpkin seeds).


1 gallon of water

2 tbsp sea salt

4 tbsp lemon juice

3 tbsp butter

1 bunch of fresh white asparagus (approximately 20 spears)


Wash the asparagus

Cut the thicker ends of the spears, about 1/2 inch

Lay the spears on a chopping board

Using a vegetable peeler, shave off the outer skin of the asparagus, about 1/2 inch from the top and running the length of the spear.

Bundle the spears in groups of 5, loosely fastening each bundle with a string

In a large pot, combine water, salt , lemon juice and butter.

Bring to a simmer over medium heat

Place the bundled spears into the pot and cook until tender when pierced with the tip of a knife

Remove the bundles from the pot and drain them on paper towels

Cut the strings before placing the spears on a serving plate

Sprinkle the Parmesan cheese  and pepitas over the spears

(Alternatively, serve the asparagus with your favorite dip)

(Makes 4-6 servings)


One thought on “White ? Asparagus

  1. Jens-Michael from Germany wrote:: “White Asparagus is the norm in Germany. I had the first green Asparagus for the first time when I came to California. Don’t overcook it. You need to peel it. The outsides especially the lore parts are usually lignified. Best caramelize it in butter on all sides, then cook/steam it for like 5-7 min. – al dente to taste – but not muschy”


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