Orange Duck Legs

It is impossible not to encounter cooked whole ducks hanging inside display windows of restaurants in Chinatown. Seeing the ducks in their reddish crispy glory never fails to make me hungry.  Crispy Peking duck rolled in Chinese pancakes is one of my favorite dishes.

For the unseasoned cook, it is always a challenge to come up with just the right amount of tenderness, juiciness and crispiness of duck when prepared in the home kitchen.  But thanks to the crockpot, preparing a duck meal comes in a breeze.

For this recipe, I used duck legs bought from an Asian grocery store.  While most recipes suggest discarding the duck skin, I chose to broil them and add them to the serving plate, almost as an appetizer, nay, “teaser.” Since I’m a visual person, I included fresh cabbage to the meal but made sure to use the purple variety.


2 whole duck legs

1 medium onion, quartered

1 can (6 0z) frozen orange juice concentrate

salt & pepper for seasoning

1 cup fresh purple cabbage, shredded

4 tbsp, vegetarian hoisin sauce


Remove skin from duck legs and set aside

Season the duck legs and skin with salt & pepper

Place the duck legs and onions in a crockpot

Pour the thawed orange juice into the crockpot

Cook on low heat for 6-8 hours

When cooking is almost complete, turn the oven to broil

Place the duck skin on a baking pan and broil until they turn brown and crispy

Remove from oven and set aside

Place the cooked duck legs on a plate and surround it with shredded cabbage

Pour about 2 tbsp of vegetarian hoisin sauce on each plate, along with a piece of the broiled duck skin

(Makes 2 servings)


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