Tuna Salad on Peach Halves

Once in a while, I come across some recipes that boggle my mind. Who would ever think that tuna salad would go well with peach fruit? The good news is, it does.  The better news is it’s a very healthy recipe! What’s more, this recipe can serve as an appetizer, snack, desert, or a meal in itself. It’s a winner of a recipe!


One 2.5 oz pouch of Bumble Bee premium light tuna

1/2 stalk of celery, sliced into small pieces

1 tbsp of sliced almonds

1 tbsp of gluten-free vegenaise (or regular mayonnaise)

1 15- oz can of yellow cling peach halves

A dash of freshly-ground black peppercorn

Fresh mint leaves for garnish


In a mixing bowl, combine the tuna with the celery, almonds and vegenaise. Mix well.

Add a dash of black peppercorn

Lay the peach halves on a plate and put about a teaspoon of the tuna mixture on each peach half

Refrigerate to chill

When ready, garnish with fresh mint leaves and serve

(Makes 5 single servings)


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