Fried Beef Wonton

Other than in soups or dim sum dumplings, wontons are also great as appetizers, much like egg rolls or empanaditas.  One of my favorite appetizers is deep-fried wontons, and they certainly do justice whatever your choice of filling is.  Among my favorite fillings are cream cheese and ground beef. Fried wontons are easy to prepare.  Keep wonton wrappers in your refrigerator at all times because many of your lunch or dinner leftovers can instantly serve as your filling.

For this recipe, the filling is our leftover picadillo.


Your leftover picadillo

1/2 package of wonton wrappers

Olive oil

1/2 cup ketchup

1 tbls mustard

1 tbls sesame seeds


Place one wrapper on the wonton mold

Scoop about one teaspon of the leftover picadillo and place in the middle of the wonton wrapper

Press the mold firmly, making sure that the edges of the wonton wrapper are properly sealed

Repeat the process for as many wontons you want

Heat the olive oil in a small sauce pot, making sure that the amount of oil is enough to submerge the wontons

Once the oil is heated, place 2-3 wontons at a time, cooking them just enough so that each side is golden brown (about 15 seconds each side)

Place the fried wontons on a place lined with paper towel to drain excess oil

Serve immediately while still warm and crispy

For dipping sauce, combine the ketchup and mustard and mix well, and sprinkle some sesame seeds.


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